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What if we tell you that now you can trade on everything. Literally everything...

Introducing Clubs. Now create your own events & earn money!


Become a club owner & create events for your community and earn 50% of trading fees.

Not just that! We are giving away special prizes to early members


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Why should you start a club? Since we are a completely community driven app, we want you to reap the benefits of engaging with your audience.

Get Creative. Create events that we cannot. From hyperlocal events to multi-option polls, give more options to your community.

Earn More. Get 50% of profits and increase your earnings. Create your events and get your users to trade on them.

Exclusivity. Don't lose your audience to other experts. Use Clubs & create private links only your users can trade on.

Local Events. Choose from topics around your locality and community to get more engagement on your events.

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Abhishek Sharma
(Rapidfire Trading Club)

As a club owner on TradeX, I am thrilled to share my testimonial with others who may be considering joining our community. TradeX has provided a unique and exciting trading experience for all of my members, and I am proud to say that I have been able to consistently generate profits of Rs.3000 - Rs.4000 every day.

Anupam Mishra.jpeg

Anupam Mishra
(Clusterpips Club)

I joined TradeX as a club owner last month. Initially, it was hard for me to retain my users and actively post events daily. But once my Club crossed the 100 member mark, I started experiencing an increase in daily revenue. Currently I have more than 400 active members and I easily make Rs.1000 to Rs.2500 daily.

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