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for Future Events

From politics to COVID to entertainment and more, you can now trade on real events that affect your everyday life.
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Predict Yes or No

Buy Yes if you think the event will happen and No if you don’t

  • 1st trade free of Rs.10/-
  • Choose any event
  • Make Yes or No prediction

Collect Profits at Settlement

When the outcome of the event becomes clear, you earn Rs 100/- for every correct share  you own


  • Instant withdraw in your bank
  • Zero fee on deposit
  • Reinvest capital

Book profits early

Sell your contracts before the outcome of the event is known to lock in profit or minimize losses


  • Sell share before settlement
  • Minimize your risk
  • Free your capital

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100% Safe

Your funds will always be safe and secure with our bank-grade security

TradeX encrypts sensitive personal data you share with us. We do not store your bank password and never share your financial data.


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