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How to start trading?

Updated: Jul 8

(Basics to know before investing in markets)

Multiple markets are active on the TradeX app, and users can trade on the markets they want to. A market consists of the Event title, Market Resolution, and settlement link. Market Resolution is the most important piece of information as we try to cover all possible scenarios here based on which each event gets settled.

To start off, let’s consider an example for an Instant-Match event:

Event: India to win against Australia?

In an Instant-match event, Price changes frequently based on the changes in the event. If you put ₹ 100 Amount on Select Price of ₹ 20 on YES, you get 5 Total shares and at the time of event settlement, you earn ₹ 500 if India wins, and ₹ 0 if India loses. If a match gets cancelled, the event gets cancelled and the amount will be refunded in the user's wallet. TradeX allows Trading on markets which means users can sell their shares any time and won’t have to wait till the settlement time.

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