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Now earn money by trading on your favourite songs & movies!

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Use your knowledge of Bollywood, Hollywood and influencers to predict the views & listens of top songs, movies & videos. 

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Trade on Youtube videos views & jio saavan songs




If you're a movie buff or know your songs, then select the Media category on the app and choose a sub-category. Once you're in, you'll see multiple events in that category for you to choose from.

Once you've done your analysis and made a prediction on the outcome of the event (Yes or No), it's time to put your money on it. Go with the market price or select the limit order option to set your own price and select Buy to confirm.

Just like the stock market, the price fluctuates as other traders start investing in the same event. If you feel that your prediction is correct, you can wait for the event to settle and earn your profits. However, if not, you can sell your shares anytime and book your profits, or occasionally to cut your losses.

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