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A Token 
That Rewards

Lucky Tokens (LT) aims to revolutionize gaming with a universal utility token for Play-to-Earn and Web3 platforms worldwide, simplifying transactions for developers and users while addressing industry challenges.

Problem Statement


Hassle in Deposits

Cumbersome payment experiences while depositing and withdrawing funds across various gaming platforms.

Limited Utility

A high ratio of withdrawals due to the limited frequency and utility of existing payment method.

Low/No Reward for Customers

Customers doesn't get any rewards for using utility token

Idle Funds

Inefficient utilization of funds across gaming platforms due to multiple tokens and currencies.


  • Streamlined 1-click deposit processes.

  • Easy integration to transition web2 projects to web3.

  • No need to manage tokenomics separately or engage in complex blockchain development.

  • Access to Lucky Tokens user base, allowing gaming partners to expand their reach and improve user experiences while leaving payment processes to LT.

  • Higher retention because of inbuilt token rewards for players to play in their game

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For Gaming Partners

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For Customers

  • A single wallet for all games, simplifying the user experience.

  • The ability to leverage the same wallet across different games.

  • Seamless tracking of deposits and withdrawals within a single wallet, enhancing transparency and convenience.

  • Single Token , clubbed with rewards from all platform, the more you play, the more you get rewarded across any platform

Lucky Smart Coins revenue model comprises

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  • Payment processing fees collected from gaming partners.

  • Distribution fees from gaming partners to users.

  • Leveraging fees from customers who benefit from the convenience and efficiency of the single wallet system.

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Current Pilot

Lucky Tokens is set to launch with a promising partnership with Tradex, a Y Combinator event trading platform specializing in prediction markets. This collaboration grants Lucky Smart Coins access to Tradex's vast user base of over 2.5 million users. This partnership serves as the foundation to onboard other gaming partners, leveraging Tradex's substantial user base for future expansion.


In summary, Lucky Tokens is on a mission to simplify and enhance the gaming experience for both gaming partners and customers by introducing a single utility token that addresses critical industry challenges. The partnership with Tradex provides an excellent starting point for the platform's growth and adoption.

Lucky Tokens
Deposits and Withdrawals

Diverse Earning Opportunities

Offering multiple ways for users to accumulate real value within the Tradex app can attract a wide range of participants. Different users may have varying preferences for how they engage with the platform, and providing options accommodates these preferences.

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Displaying real-time exchange rates on the Tradex platform adds transparency to the conversion process. Users can make informed decisions about when and how to withdraw their earnings.

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It's a significant value proposition that Lucky Tokens (LT) aims to provide through its partnership with Tradex. Allowing users to accumulate real value through multiple means within the Tradex app and providing the flexibility to withdraw in local currency or USDT based on real-time exchange rates can enhance the attractiveness of the LT. Here are some key benefits for this features:

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Conversion Flexibility

Allowing users to withdraw their earnings in Tradex Credits  or USDT based on real-time exchange rates enhances convenience and adaptability. Users can choose the option that best suits their needs and market conditions.

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Global Accessibility

The ability to withdraw in USDT makes the platform accessible to users worldwide, regardless of their familiarity with cryptocurrencies. This can help expand the user base.

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