Champion Traders

Over the past year, we've had some epic traders who were able to figure out the best ways to earn profits on Tradex. We call them our Champions.

Sameer (5 months, INR 2,73,400) 

A freelance digital and influencer marketer with a solid agency background, Sameer has a lot of insights into the entertainment industry. His predictions on movie collections and their probable hit status never go wrong. Sameer joined TradeX in Feb 2022 when he realised he could encash his knowledge and insights into the entertainment industry. He quickly created his own community and shared his knowledge with people who used his referral code to join, providing them with insights and tips. His past experience with influencers and agencies enabled him to create a telegram community of 5K traders within his first week.

Ajeet (2 months, INR 89,710)

Ajeet is a 19 year old graduation student with a telegram community of more than 4000 traders. Ajeet was looking for a platform that could help college students and young working professionals create a source of passive income. He got to know about TradeX in March, 2022 and immediately fell in love with the concept of opinion trading. He started trading with a group of 15 students (who are now a part of his research team) and grew it to an extended community of 4000+ members. Today, everyone in the group exchange their opinions and help each other improve their decision making abilities. His enormous growth led him to earn INR 80k+ in just two months just through referral.

Rajesh (6 months, INR 4,91,430)

Rajesh is a CA student from Telangana and aspires to become a successful trader & entrepreneur. He started trading by researching about "stock market trading concepts", opened a trading account and bought a breakout, but ended up blowing all his money. Rather than giving up, his burning desire to become a successful trader brought him to opinion trading, where he has made huge profits. His community with event researchers guides new traders to make successful strategies and earn profits. While he began with an initial capital of INR 8000, his profit on TradeX till date is a whopping INR 3 lakhs+ and an additional INR 1.6 lakh through referral.

Dhruv (6 months, INR 5,25,110)

Dhruv is a full-time YouTuber who provides analysis on crypto, business, and ongoing events from the politics category. Looking back on his journey Dhruv's risk management techniques have always been impressive. Simultaneously, his ability to research and trade wisely has earned him good profits in the opinion market. He began making TradeX tutorial videos on his YouTube channel and created a community of traders by inviting them through his unique referral code. Dhruv has already mentored more than 1500 traders through his community. He is a pro-level trader with an overall profit of 5lakhs+.

Simran (6 months, INR 4,37,950)

Simran is a full-time stock market trader. She started opinion trading through TradeX in the month of January. With a fare knowledge of studying charts and understanding price analysis, Simran found it comparatively easier to hedge profits through opinion trading. She started with an initial capital of INR 6500 and made a whooping profit of INR 4lakh+ in a few months. Simran has now started guiding and mentoring other traders as well.