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Passive Income with Chain Referral

Earn every week from your friend's friends as your network of referrals grow. #passiveincome #referral

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Increase your earnings with our referral program!

A unique opportunity built for you to earn from your network of referred traders.


You’ll get 25% trading fee only from your first level of referred traders, i.e. people who have joined TradeX directly through your unique promo code. (Referral bonus is credited directly to your TradeX wallet.)


Incentives of the chain referral program will start when you have 5 or more active traders through 3 levels as explained below.


Incentives of the program will be calculated on a weekly basis and all eligible traders will get incentives in their registered bank account every Thursday.

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Rohit has referred 1300 traders to TradeX (Level  1)

These 1300 traders have referred 30K traders
So he has 30K traders in Level 2.

These 30K traders have further invited around 25K traders i.e. 25K traders for Rohit's Level 3.

In total Rohit has now 1300 + 30,000 + 25,000 = 56,300 users as part of his network.

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How to earn?

Select the 'Refer' option on the bottom of the app screen.

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Tap your referral code & select 'Refer Now' to share the code.

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Select your channel for messaging & list of friends to send your code to

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how to get points?

Slab Based Incentives

Create a network of active traders and earn benefits every week as they refer newer people to TradeX. 

Besides earning 25% of the trading fees of your referrals, as their network grows, you earn incentives from the total number of people.


10000 active traders
5000 active traders
3000 active traders
2000 active traders
1000 active traders
500 active traders
200 active traders
100 active traders
50 active traders
20 active traders
10 active traders
5 active traders

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum requirements for joining the chain referral program?

All you need is an active TradeX account.

Note: Completion of KYC is mandatory prior to receiving incentive.

What is the maximum amount that can be earned from referrals?

There is no limit to how much you can earn from the chain referral program. Validity of each added user would be 12 weeks in the chain referral program, irrespective of the level at which the user was added.

What is the difference between the referral & chain referral programs?

The referral program allows you to earn 25% of the trading fees of traders who joined directly from your promo code. While, the chain referral program enables your earnings to beyond that. You earn an incentive based on the total number of traders referred by your direct referrals (and not their trading fees).

How do I collect my incentives?

While your referral bonus is added directly to your TradeX wallets, your chain referral incentive is transferred directly to your KYC authorised bank account on a weekly basis.

How do I get a customised promo code?

On completion of 200 referrals, users can apply for a customised promo-code by mailing registered mobile number and current promo-code to the support team.

What is the definition of an "Active Trader"?

Any user who has done at least 1 trade in any event during the past week is counted as an Active Trader.

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