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A Token 
That Rewards

Lucky Token Points are loyalty tokens for the Tradex community. They are poised to revolutionize the prediction market by becoming the go-to system for the community. The entire Tradex community is rallying behind Token Points.


how it works?

Tradex is the world's only community-led prediction market, where users actively engage in various activities:


Creating bet topics

Earn 35% Token Points 

Frame 1321318623.png
Frame 1321318622.png

Socially debating about the events

Earn 20% Token Points

Providing liquidity

Earn 20% Token Points

Placing bets on events

Earn 5% Token Points

Moderating events

Earn 10% Token Points

Settling events

Earn 10% Token Points


Utility of token points

Tradex allocates a reward pool each month to distribute among its community members. These rewards are determined based on factors such as business performance and community engagement, all governed by the community itself.

The rewards are distributed in USDT, with the distribution proportionate to the percentage of token points held by each member at the end of the month. Thus, the more token points earned, the greater the rewards, establishing a solid foundation for genuine loyalty tokens.

Coming Soon

Lucky Token Launch

Tradex will soon launch its token on various exchanges. As a benefit of holding token points long-term, a portion of these tokens will be distributed to token point holders.

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