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Recommend TradeX & get paid for it.

Get started with our creator program and earn commission on registrations and wallet recharges. Join now for FREE, get your tracking link, share with your network and earn upto 70% from each user.

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How to earn with TradeXCreate?

You'll receive commission payments based on the total registrations or deposits you drive for TradeX. 

Your commissions will be directly accessible on the app.

Get Prepaid in escrow

Say no to the hassle of invoices and emails. For TradeX Creators, INR 1,00,000 in bonus cash is pre-added to your wallets. This money cannot be withdrawn yet.


As and when you receive your commission, this amount unfreezes accordingly and you can start accessing it to withdraw or trade.


Inform Your Followers

Keep your followers updated with the latest and most correct guidelines on TradeX. Do not mislead them with misinformation.


Promote Consistently

Repetition is key so the more exposure your followers have to your event links, the more likely they are to tap and trade.


Be Authentic

Your followers started following you for a reason. Don't let the earning potential get in the way of being unique and real.


Share Valuable Insights

TradeX is all about trading on information. So share event related advice and stats with your followers to get a higher CTR.


How to get started with TradeXCreate?

Creators can register in our creator program by filling the form and  start promoting TradeX by taking live trades and promoting them.

Referral Program Preferrence

Thank you for your details. Our team will connect with you shortly. Please note that your referral construct will be implemented on the the provided registered number

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