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Trade on your opinion.

Trade on real world events like #youtube, #agriculture, #commodities, #stocks, #movies and more!


Select a platform of your choice

Super-fast trading experience. Anytime & anywhere.

There is an event for everyone!

The only community-led prediction market in the world!

#Creating bet topics  #Providing liquidity #Placing bets on events 

#Moderating events  #Settling events  #Socially debating about the events

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+2,500,000 traders

With new users joining us everyday, we have more than 500K daily active traders.

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Real Time Events

We publish more than 50 new events everyday including intraday, LIVE & long-term.

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Live Support

To provide extensive support, we have FAQs, Guides, Strategies and Communities.

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simple steps on

How to trade?

Predict outcomes. Buy Yes or No.

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Buy Yes if you think the event will happen and No if you don’t. PS: News triggers price changes in the markets.

Sell early to book profits.

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Buy and sell positions as events become more or less likely over time.

Collect profits on event settlement.

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When the outcome of the event becomes clear, the event settles and you earn 100/- for every correct share you own.


Event Categories



Trade on  Cricket, Football  Basketball, Kabaddi, etc. matches to predict winners



Trade on trending political events around the globe.



Trade on views, listens & HIT status of movies, songs, etc.



Trade on covid cases, weather, infrastructure, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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