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Hedge your everyday risks.

Trade on real world events like #inflation-rate, #agriculture, #commodities, #stocks, #movies and more!

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TradeX Web

Full blown web experience, rich with all the features.

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TradeX App

Super-fast trading experience. Anytime & anywhere.

There is an event for everyone!

Your first trade is on us! Get ₹10 on sign up.

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+5,00,000 traders

With new users joining us everyday, we have more than 500K daily active traders.

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Intraday Trading

We publish more than 25 new events everyday including intraday, LIVE & long-term.

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24x7 Support

To provide extensive support, we have FAQs, Guides, Strategies and Communities.

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simple steps on

How to trade?

Predict outcomes. Buy Yes or No.

Buy Yes if you think the event will happen and No if you don’t. PS: News triggers price changes in the markets.

Sell early to book profits.

Buy and sell positions as events become more or less likely over time.

Collect profits on event settlement.

When the outcome of the event becomes clear, the event settles and you earn ₹100/- for every correct share you own.


Event Categories

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Trade on inflation, GDP data, unemployment rate, etc.

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Trade on precious metals prices like gold, sliver, etc.




Trade on stock prices, currencies, agriculture prices, etc.


Trade on covid cases, weather, infrastructure, etc.



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Trade on trending political events around the globe.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is TradeX regulated?

TradeX is a member of The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry and Confederation of Indian Industry,

What is needed for opening a TradeX account?

Only your mobile number is required to open a TradeX account. 

How does TradeX make money?

TradeX makes money by charging transaction fee on the overall trading volume and a 1% commission on the amount earned through referrals. For detailed fee structure please visit here.

How do I withdraw my winnings?

  • Visit the wallet page on the app/website & select withdraw;

  • Enter the amount you'd like to withdraw and click on withdraw.

Note: Completion of KYC is mandatory prior to withdrawal.

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